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About Us

Rights Radar for Human Rights

Rights Radar foundation is a civil society organization for Human Rights, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental organization for monitoring, promoting and defending Human rights in the Arab world.
Founded by some Arab human rights defenders, and activists. Allocated for monitoring, documenting, and reporting violations against Human Rights, as well as providing advocacy, and legal support for victims and capacity building for human rights activists. It is focusing on all topics and areas of human rights, including freedom of expression, media and press freedom, women’s rights, children’s rights, disability rights, refugee rights, rights to justice.
Rights Radar working through a wide and professional network of reporters and monitors in the ground in most of the areas covered by its activities, using up-to-date techniques of monitoring and documenting human rights cases.


Rights Radar has a wide range of correspondents, monitors, notaries and a broad network of contacts with local, regional and international human rights organizations and uses the latest electronic technologies for monitoring, documentation, communication and dissemination.



A non-profit human rights foundation to defend Arab human rights and advocate their essential rights through monitoring and documenting violations, issuing statements and reports, networking and partnership with regional and international human rights organizations, as well as creating training and capacity building opportunities for human rights activists and leaders.     



Excellence in monitoring, documenting, and advocacy of human rights in the Arab world. 

The Values

The Values

  • Responsibility
  • Credibility.
  • Independency.  
  • Transparency.  


  • Monitoring and documenting violations against human rights in the Arab World.
  • Providing advocacy and legal support for victims of human rights’ violations.
  • Networking and partnership with human rights organizations.    
  • Capacity building and leadership developing for human rights activists.


It was founded by a group of human rights leaders, activists and those concerned with the Arab human rights issue. It is responsible for monitoring and documenting human rights violations, advocating for victims and adopting their just causes and human rights training, The rights of the disabled, the rights of the refugees, and the right to justice are the most important of these rights.

Our Projects

  • Monitoring
    Rights Radar regularly monitors the human rights status and abuses in the Arab world, through local qualified monitors and reporters working to world-class standards and using cutting-edge techniques, as well as through collaborations with local human rights organizations that work in the same field with the same quality of work.
  • Documenting
    Rights Radar documents human rights abuses committed by various parties, individual or collective, across the Arab world. Through a variety of approaches, we obtain material proof and documented evidence of the abuses of human rights to be used to bring the perpetrators to justice.
  • Advocacy
    As part of our mission, Rights Radar provides advocacy and legal support, both material and moral support, for victims of human rights abuses in the Arab world, thanks to our capacity and expertise, and in collaboration with international organizations with complementary programs and aims.
  • Networking
    We achieve our objectives and goals through collaborating with a wide network of local, regional and international human rights organizations. Sharing experiences and working together, we drive outcomes and defend human rights through collective action and large-scale campaigns.
  • Capacity building
    As well as defending human rights, Rights Radar is committed to training the human rights activists working as internal staff members as well as external organizations that share the same goal of defending human rights. Capacity building is a major part of our program and mission to improve human rights.
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Rights Radar for Human Rights