Yemen: Victims Behind Bars

A Human Rights Report about Detention Cases in Yemen - April 2017


The armed Houti group lanched the worst massive detention campaign in the two and half years since its takeover of Sana'a the Yemeni capital, along with other governorates. The campaign was fought against their opponents from politics, academia. Human rights organizations and the media according to human rights organizaations, the core values of the national legislation including the constitution



April 26, 2017:
The Rights Radar (RR) organization for human rights in the Arab World has launched a report on the issue of detainees in Yemen under title of (Yemen: Victims Behind Bars), which dealt with the tragic issues of detainees, abductees and forcibly disappearances in Yemen since the mid of 2014 until the end of the first quarter of 2017 in Yemen. 
This report included a general context and an executive summary on the status of human rights in Yemen during the past 3 years and the conditions of detainees in prisons as well as forcibly disappeared and the amount of abuses of human rights in this regard committed by all conflicting parties in Yemen, particularly the Houthi militia, the forces of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the government forces and the militants supported by Arab coalition forces. 
The report also contains many samples of the tragic stories of detainees, abducted and forcibly disappeared in a war-ravaged country where warriors forgot this painful issue that has deeply disturbed the families of victims, and attracted concerns of the local and international human rights activists and organizations.
The report concludes with recommendations for various human rights and political actors in Yemen and abroad. It is a part of series of periodical reports issued by the Right Radar organization. These reports are posted on the ( ) website and marketed throughout its social media platforms, as well as circulated throughout mailing lists of those concerned and interested people and organizations all over the world. The data and information of this report come from Rights Radars’ field reporters and monitors in more than 18 Yemeni cities. 
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