Children’s Rights

We are working to enhance children’s basic rights and assist them to fully enjoy their rights, including education, health care and protection. We look to children as our bright future, and this dream will not come true unless children are integrated fully into social development and public policies.

Rights Radar

The Netherlands-based foundation for human rights in the Arab world, Rights Radar (RR), called on the international community to play a role in putting an end for civilian massacres in Yemen and to oblige the parties of the armed conflict in Yemen to avoid targeting civilians and to protect them during the armed conflict.
RR called also on the UN to use its tools to push for an urgent investigation into the air raids by the Saudi-led coalition targeted children's bus in Dahyan market, in Saada province, on Thursday, August 9, which killed 51 civilians including 29 children, in addition to injuring 79 other civilians, in Dhahyan market, province of Saada, north Yemen.