Rights Radar (RR) for human rights called on the international community to protect the people of Taiz province, central Yemen, from the repeatedly violations and horrific crimes of the militants of Houthi rebels and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh amid international community silence.

RR strongly condemned the horrific killing of the wife and child of the teacher Taha Hasan Farea in the al-Jirat village, Abadan district, east of Taiz, Yemen, on Friday evening, October 6, 2017, by firing live bullets at them in cold blood in front of their house and children, brutally and violently to all laws of local and international legislations.

The sources said that the militants of the Houthi/Saleh rebels stormed the village of Al-Jirat, Abadan district, east of Taiz province, on Friday evening and surrounded the house of the teacher Taha Hasan Farea, who is opposing their ideology, when they did not find him, they opened fire on his child Anas, 17, and his wife, Ettihad Qassem Mohammed, 36, who died instantly. They also opened fire on his brother Mohammed, 39, who seriously injured.

Taha Hasan Farea said “More than 20 gunmen from Houthi/Saleh group stormed our village on Friday evening and surrounded my house from all sides. They tried to break into my house. When my child Anas came out, immediately started shooting on him at his head and his neck until he died”.

“My wife Ettihad shocked by the scene of our killed child Anas in front of the house door, embraced by the horrors of son tragedy, then Houthi/Saleh gunmen opened fire on her chest and neck, she passed away immediately” Farea added. He confirmed that “also they open fire on my brother Mohammed, who suffered severe injuries, but survived the death”.

He explained that the militants of the Houthi/Saleh militants exaggerated the abuse of his family, through excessive killing, preventing the rescue of the victims or transfer them to a hospital in Taiz and prevent the head of the family and residents of the village to participate in the funeral as well as they arrest 4 of the villagers who tried to shift the victims to the nearest hospital.

This was not the first incident in which the residents of Taiz were subjected to it, but it was one of dozens of cases in which they were brutally killed outside the law since April 2015 by Houthi/Saleh militants.

Many incidents are considered as war crimes against humanity and extrajudicial killings, in accordance with local and international legislation, including United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 163-44/1989.

RR called on the international human rights organizations to immediately launch urgent appeal to protect the people of Taiz from the brutal crimes they are subjected to and to break the silence that accompanied such horrific incidents in Taiz and other Yemeni provinces by all parties.