Rights Radar (RR) for human rights strongly condemned the killing of 3 journalists and wounding 2 others by artillery shells of the Houthi rebel militia and former President Ali Saleh forces on Friday morning in the city of Taizz, central Yemen.

The 3 journalists who were killed during their media coverage of the armed clashes on Friday morning between the government forces and the Houthi/Saleh forces in the neighborhood of Qasr al-Shaab, eastern Taizz city, are Wael Alabsi, Taqi Addin Al-Huthaifi and Saad Al-Nethari.

The other 2 journalists who were seriously injured in this incident were Walid Al-Qadasi, who was wounded by the amputation of his left leg and Salah Addin Al-Wahbani, who was injured by breaking his right hand. All these journalists were working as cameramen for Yemeni and Arab T.V. channels, to film Taizz news coverage.

“We strongly condemn the targeting journalists and media in Taizz city by Houthi / Saleh forces. We call on all warring parties to respect the press freedom and ensure the journalists’ safety as well as providing a safe atmosphere for media coverage, in accordance with the international human rights laws” RR official said.

The city of Taizz, witnessed the largest amount of killing incidents for journalists in Yemen, by Houthi/Saleh forces during the past 15 months, where the death toll 6 journalists until today.