Rights Radar (RR) for human rights called on the international community to exert practical efforts and take urgent action to stop the unfair trial that 36 detainees are facing by Houthi rebels court in Sana’a, Yemen, to prevent the lives of Yemeni detainees in the Houthi’s prisons from being jeopardized by any threat to their life.

RR has followed up with great concern the trial of 36 detainees held out of the law framework by state-security court controlled by the Houthi rebels in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.

Sources from the families of the detainees said that false accusations have been fabricated for most of the detainees. All of the suspects are academics and political activists opposed to the Houthi coup in Yemen, and the minimum right to justice has not been assured, as they never granted legal defense in the court.

“The militants of Houthi group and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh extracted from the detainees confessions under the influence of force, intimidation and pressure, and the use of severe and fatal forms of torture” they said.

Judicial sources told Rights Radar that the proceedings of this trial are illegal because “those who are tried are arbitrarily detained for political reasons and retaliatory motives”, as well as that “the court has no more legal or constitutional legitimacy to carry out such a trial as a result for the collapsing of the government’s institutions and authorities since September 21, 2014, including falling down the judiciary system”.

These detainees are facing politically-motivated death penalty sentences; similar to the case of the journalist Yahya Abdul Raqib al-Jubeihi who sentenced to death penalty last April by this court.