Istanbul 23/05/2017:

Rights Radar organization (RR) for human tights signed in Istanbul a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for partnership  with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory in Geneva for human rights partnership and collaboration between the two organizations.

It was signed in Istanbul by the Secretary-General of the Rights Radar, Dr. Abdulla Sabbar, and by the director of the Euro-Med Observatory Dr.Rami Abdu.

The MOU provides for cooperation between the two organizations in the preparation and publication of reports covering the human rights topics of interest to each of the two parties on a regular basis. Through its wide relationship and access in the ground, RR will provide information and extent its accuracy, impartiality and drafting in the form of data and human rights reports. The Euro-Med Observatory will provide technical, legal and informational advice to the RR regarding the quality of its reports, reviewing its content, its accuracy and formulation consistent with international human rights standards, and assisting in its widest circulation within its international relations and media.

Due to this MOU, the Euro-Med, will train the staff of Rights Radar team on the international standard work of human rights’ organizations and international law, drafting human rights reports and memos, and dealing with United Nations human rights mechanisms by civil society organizations.

Under this MOU, the Euro-Med Observatory will also provide opportunities for the preparation and submission of working papers or oral statements submitted jointly by the two organizations at the meetings of the United Nations Human Rights Council at its three annual sessions in Geneva and other human rights bodies, organizations, networks and conferences Submit a common article. The Euro-Med Observatory also will provide opportunities for joint activities on the side events during the United Nations Human Rights Council’s meetings to promote awareness of human rights issues that interest of the two organizations.

Rights Radar is a human rights organization based currently in Istanbul. It is seeking to open head office in Europe soon. It is focusing on monitoring human rights violations in Yemen and Arab world through wide monitoring network and organizing specialized training workshops on international humanitarian law and human rights in various topics, holding meetings, workshops and conferences, preparing and issuing reports and studies in the field of human rights violations and related to them, and contributing to the dissemination of legal awareness in this field.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory is a European human rights organization based in Geneva with field offices, representatives and collaborators in the Middle East and South Africa. Its Board of Trustees is chaired by former UN Special Rapporteur, Professor Richard Falk, and chaired by Dr. Rami Abdu, a specialist in law and finance from UK. The Euro-Mediterranean works to promote human rights in the Mediterranean region, whether in their own countries or as refugees in EU Member States.